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Way of Being



EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

We begin this process by asking ourselves how we know what we know. Rarely do we have the opportunity to turn inwardly and look into our life and critique how we have been socialized and what we have internalized from our socialization. 

Being committed to leading "A Good Life" requires that we not only examine our values and beliefs but live them out as well.

7 Habits intro, paradigms and principles, Habits 1-3, Habit 7

Way of Knowing

Skills and Knowledge

IQ (Intellectual Intelligence)

The skills and knowledge that one requires starts with an examination and understanding of our assumptions.


In order to put forward the Traditional worldview, we need to help align the Western paradigms that thinking with the head (cognition) is separable from the heart (feelings).

Way of Living


What we see, hear and feel 

SQ (Social Intelligence)

Through social-emotional development, people acquire and apply the knowledge, attitude  and skills to:

- understand and manage emotions

- set and achieve positive goals

- feel and show empathy for others

- establish and maintain positive relationships

- make responsible decisions

This is our end in mind and how everything contributes to living and leading a good life.

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