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The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Every day leaders are making countless decisions and facing problems they’ve never encountered before. What worked yesterday can change overnight. The speed is relentless, the stakes are high, but the rewards are great for those who can lead a team to consistently achieve extraordinary results. So how can leaders stay ahead of the curve and differentiate themselves and their teams when so much is changing so quickly?

Even in the most turbulent times, there are four roles leaders play that are highly predictive of success. We call them essential, because as leaders consciously lead themselves and their teams in alignment with these roles, they lay the foundation for effective leadership.

The 4 Essential Roles are:

  1. Inspire Trust: Be the credible leader others choose to follow—one with both character and competence.

  2. Create Vision: Clearly define where your    team is going andhow they are going to      get there.

  3. Execute Strategy: Consistently achieve     results with and through others using           disciplined processes.

  4. Coach Potential: Unleash the ability of each person on your team to improve           performance, solve problems, and grow       their careers.

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Organizations and businesses needed leaders who could:

•Think BIG and adapt quickly.

•Translate strategy into meaningful work.

•Coach people to a higher performance.

The 4 Essential Roles develop leaders who can master these skills consistently, within a unique framework that focuses on developing who a leader is as well as what a leader does.


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The participant kit is where you capture your thoughts and actions you will take. The Implementation Guide helps you to create a sustainable leadership program for your leaders and the cards serve as a great reminder and tool you can use everyday.

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