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What's UP?

·       UPs focus is to strengthen the personal wellbeing, human relations and leadership development of Peoples, Organizations and Communities.​

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About UP

UP is 100% Indigenous Woman owned and operated incorporated business.

To be better than we were yesterday – to be the Leaders of Change. To challenge ourselves, inspire our families, influence our communities and impact our world.
Unleash human potential
Our clients and partners are Change Leaders who are committed to provide the time and resources necessary for social transformation.

Why UP?

UPs International partnership with FranklinCovey allows access to decades of universal research and leadership development culminating in a combined, powerful holistic process to help people acquire effective ways of learning, leading and living. 


Together, we solve the most pressing problems and achieve breakthrough results through a comprehensive social well-being approach leading to sustainable prosperity for:
  1. individuals,
  2. teams,
  3. organizations,
  4. and ultimately to community self sufficiency

What are we UP to?

Below is an example of the organizations and communities that we are currently serving and why they initially reachedUP.
Hatchet Lake High School, SK
Education Crisis Response
Violent Behaviour and Student Attendance

Athabasca Denesuline Education Authority, SK expanding current Leader in Me and additional training and  supports to Hatchet Lake Elementary, Black Lake and Fond du Lac in April 2022.

Association of Métis, Non and Status Indians Saskatchewan (AMNSIS)
Recovery and Renewal - mînowin kihtwam sihcikewin 
Transition from Government Support Services 

UPs Holistic Growth Journey will be utilized to honour Indigenous values, philosophies, and knowledge systems in supporting family health, wellness, and care practices. Participants will experience social emotional, Land-based Learning as a cultural alignment to mental health wellbeing. Follow this link to learn more.

Mamu Tshishkutamashutau Innu Education (MTIE), Labrador
Education Outcomes
Behaviour and Attendance

Implementing Leader In Me to support middle years and high school outcomes.

Ermineskin Elementary School, AB

Youth Gang Prevention

Behaviour and Student Attendance

Ermineskin Elementary School has been part of Leader In Me journey since 2013 and was the first Indigenous School in the World to reach "Lighthouse Status" in 2021.

Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation, Reindeer Lake School
Community Crisis Response
Student, Staff and Family Supports

Re-implementing Leader in Me and additional training and  coaching supports to combat school, family and community turbulence.

UP Holistic Growth Journey The Good Life.png

UP removes the misalignments and silos within your entire organization and community.

To deliberately shift away from patchwork, quick fix programming our focus is long-term, sustainable outcomes at the individual, organization and community level.


By utilizing a holistic approach, rather than a linear approach, to achieve objectives, UPs end-in-mind is wrapped around our “Holistic Growth Journey”.


This process provides a collaborative and continuous improvement cycle through lived, real-life experiences and evolves around hands-on, real-world cultural activities.

Image by David Wirzba
"Let us put our minds together and see what we can do for our children."

- Chief Sitting Bull

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